About Us

In YUKI Pet Accessories, we believe in providing furkids around the world with the best products. Our 3 criteria in our products are High QualityFunctionality and Design.

High Quality
As pet owners ourselves, our furkids are just like our very own kids. We only want the best for them and constantly worry about products that may bring harm. Rest assured that our products here at YUKI Pet Accessories are carefully screened and are not only harmless, but beneficial for your furkids.

Convenience plays a big part in our lives nowadays. Not only does the products have to be of good quality, but they have to help bring convenience into your lives. Let us be solutions to your problems.

This aspect is as important as the other two as we believe it should never be sacrificed for quality and convenience. Having a good quality, functional AND stylish product should be something everyone can have access to.


Why "YUKI"?

"YUKI" is inspired by our lovely Westie, Yuki. Throughout Yuki's life, we gave her only the best. She gave us her best too. She was our best girl, the one who was always by our side. Having adopted her, she was already well trained at the age of 3 years old. She never gave us any problems and was just the perfect companion to us.

Yuki passed away in July 2019. She was 14 years old and died of congenital heart issues that went undetected till May 2019. Yuki had blood tests, chest X-rays and regular Vet checks but it was never picked up. By the time we found out, it was too late to do anything. Her heart was enlarged and it will only keep getting bigger till it could no longer function. Her diagnosis was a shock to us as she was still healthy otherwise, active and still being mistaken as a puppy. She passed when her heart issues caused pneumonia and she had 2 heart failures.

Thus, her passing inspired us to spread her love to other furkids.

All furkids deserve the best and only the best.